Reasons Why IBA-DU is the Right Place for You

This post aims to help students understand why they should choose IBA-DU. The resources available at Tickright guide students in achieving their IBA dream.

Passionate about IBA but scared it might not be your cup of tea? Tired of hearing random aunties and uncles go on about decisions that affect your life? Just looking for the truth about the alleged best business school in the country from someone who actually knows? Well, look no further. Let me, an IBAite, tell you exactly why IBA is the right choice for you.

Introverts, Extroverts and Everything in Between

The Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University (IBA-DU) is quite a revered business school. But the word in the market is that you need to be an extrovert to take on the challenges IBA throws at you. I’ve even heard people say that extroverts are more suited to handle presentations and company visits. Is this something introverts need to worry about? My experience suggests otherwise.

Being an introvert won’t come in your way of delivering top-notch presentations. You’ll find yourself adjusting as per requirements. Practice makes perfect, right? Trust me, there will be no lack of practice when it comes to presentations and company visits.

You can choose to stay in your comfort zone with the crowd that fits you. But you can also find a different kind of crowd and learn to call them home. The bottom line is, one way or the other, you will find your own safe haven within the walls of IBA.

The Positive Peer Pressure

Face it, this is a competitive crowd. But you’ve got nothing to fear. You will see yourself become your best version as you go through these four years. You will learn how friends can inspire you to work harder and hone your skills.

Right after you get in, you’ll realize that people around you are constantly going the extra mile that makes them unique. The culture of IBA-DU is such that you will find yourself being molded in a similar fashion. Word of caution, no friend will ever be as close to you as Excel and PowerPoint.

You will meet people who spend hours making notes and offer them to you without a moment’s hesitation. They will make study groups especially for you and spend an eternity going over the same microeconomics theories till you understand.

They will pick you up when you fall (quite literally), and laugh about it afterward as great friends often do.

Feel like Quite the Business Executive

While you don’t exactly have to ‘study’ all that much, you will be required to make presentations every other day. Trust me, even real executives won’t feel the way you feel when you don that suit and tie.

While trying to complete the myriad of assignments and term papers that come your way, you will get access to the inner workings of garments factories, pharmaceutical companies, apparel manufacturers, food and beverage companies and so much more.

You’ll find yourself taking interviews of some of the biggest names in the country. Sipping tea with executives, MDs and CEOs before getting your undergraduate degree? Quite the dream come true.

Futsals, Boishakh and the Best of Fests

The events at IBA-DU are arranged with great fervor on the part of the students. Not only will you get to enjoy these festivals as a newbie, you’ll get to arrange some of your own when the time comes.

Ice-breaking will help you acquaint yourself to the seniors and become a part of the IBA family. You’ll find yourself shedding a tear or two during farewells even if it’s not your own. While each event is unique in its own way, there is something at the core of these events that unites all IBAites in a similar fashion.

You will learn to compete fiercely during badminton and dance to tacky songs with the same zeal during Boishakh. But at the end of it all, you’ll find yourself singing along (or mumbling, in my case) to the same few songs we IBAites hold dear.

IBA Auditorium

As the events draw to a close and the sun sets, you will assemble with the rest of IBA in our beloved canteen or some other corner. At that moment, it won’t matter if you’re a senior or a junior, it won’t matter if you don’t recognize a single person in the crowd. In some mysterious way, you will all be the notes of the same bittersweet songs.

Just the Right Amenities

IBA-DU offers exactly the kind of facilities required to support you growth. Our recently refurnished computer lab helps you find exactly the kind of resources you’ll need to supplement your term papers. Need to print your assignment but class starts in a minute? The printers in the lab will help you to meet that dreaded deadline.

You’ll often find your fellow IBAites huddled in the corners of the highly equipped bunker. The bunker is an extension of the library that consists of well furnished rooms that provide just the kind of atmosphere you need to discuss your term papers and assignments. It is a well-lit air conditioned facility equipped with charger ports and Wi-Fi connection.
Inaguration ceremony of robi innovation lab at iba

The Robi Innovation Lab at IBA-DU is a unique offering. This lab exists to connect the students of IBA-DU to the tools of the Fourth Industrial Revolution like data analytics, block chain, internet of things etc.

You can know more about the inauguration of the Robi Innovation Lab at IBA here.

Highly Qualified Faculties

At IBA-DU, you will receive education and care under some of the best faculties in the country. Many of the faculties at IBA-DU will help you make difficult career decisions. After these four years, you may find yourself wanting to follow their footsteps. Even if your career preferences are entirely different, they will guide you and help you achieve your dreams.

When you feel like you simply cannot deal with another assignment, they will hand you three. At first, the task will seem Herculean but gradually you will learn to adapt and deliver what is expected of you. They will push you to your limits and maybe even bring out the best in you. They will expose you to high-pressure situations that will ‘prepare you for the challenges of the real world’.

Access to the DU Campus

The Dhaka University campus is the biggest and oldest campus in the country. During off periods and cancelled classes, you can get on a rickshaw with your friends and roam about the streets of the huge campus.

As you do so, you will find yourself lost in its rich heritage. The Public Library, Shahbagh more, Kazi Nazrul Samadhi, Suhrawardy Udyan, Curzon Hall, Bangla Academy, Teacher-Student Centre (TSC) more are all parts of this campus. There is something uniquely beautiful about becoming a part of an entity that has such historical significance.

Sculpting the Spirit of Liberation | The Daily Star
Aparajeyo Bangla

After such rickshaw rides, you’ll find yourself drawn to all the varieties of foods available to you. As the days go by, you will indulge yourself in the weekend special chicken buns from the canteen, the famous দুধ চা from মধুর রেস্তরা, হাকিম চত্বরের খিচুড়ি, the varieties of shakes offered in the Social Science canteen and the student discount ice-cream scoops at FBS.

Modhu’s canteen

If you choose IBA-DU, not only will you be entitled to the facilities of IBA, you will also become a part of Dhaka University family. In fact, Dhaka University is a famous tourist spot for others. Isn’t it amazing to have your institution in such an esteemed campus?

Become a Pro at Competitions

The ability to work under pressure, regular presentations, keeping in touch with big organizations creates the perfect blend required to win business competitions. In fact, the business competition culture at IBA-DU is so infectious that I participated in CreADive 2018 immediately after getting in.

If you’re struggling with the format or content of the competition, your experienced seniors will come to the rescue. They will mentor you and make sure the trophy stays home. They will help you relentlessly and with such sincerity that they will seem like a part of your team.

The members of IBA Communication Club, along with the students of IBA, during the presentation ceremony of HSBC-IBA Business Case Competition 2017
hsbc – IBA Business case competition 2017

You can even reach out to your faculties for help. In fact, IBA-DU has its own communication club (IBACC) which arranges major competitions like Brandwitz and National Debate Championships. IBA also has a healthy and enriching debate culture. The students of IBA-DU regularly represent Bangladesh at the international level. They have faced giants like Yale, Cambridge and Oxford and have emerged victorious.

Read up on the achievements of the debating circle of IBA here.

Almost every IBAite has participated in at least one business competition or a debate and many of them have won quite a few. If you want to see yourself winning business competitions and international debates, choose IBA and become a part of this triumphant crowd. 

Career and Connections

IBA-DU has quite the impactful brand image in the job market. During your four years at IBA, you will remain connected to several organizations and get to see their inner workings first hand. You will also be engaged in part-time or contractual jobs that will come your way quite easily.

The positive peer pressure will also push you to actively look for jobs and complete internships in some of the most reputed organizations of the country. Before you graduate, you’re bound to have quite the diverse work experience to put in your CV.

Due to its brand image, you will find yourself with quite a few job options even before you graduate. In the competitive job market, this gives IBAites the extra edge they need to survive and thrive. You’ll see that big organizations like British American Tobacco and Robi hold seminars and roadshows at IBA to attract the students to pursue a career in these organizations.
battle of minds roadshow

The alumni association of IBA is also well connected. IBA graduates are among the most successful businesspeople in the country. They occupy top tier executive positions home and abroad. This gives the fresh graduates a huge career boost. Got your eyes set overseas? IBA alumni got you covered there too. They are among the faculties of the top institutions in foreign countries as well.

Therefore, after obtaining your degree from IBA, you can apply to a variety of private jobs. Some even prefer to start their own companies. You can also join the esteemed IBA faculty. But remember to keep an eye on your CGPA, in that case. You can also choose to get an MBA degree from IBA or from overseas universities. The possibilities are practically endless!

No matter what you want to pursue after IBA, IBA’s brand image and esteemed alumni association will help you get there without any trouble.

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To Conclude

Despite the surprise tests and the high pressure situations you’ll be exposed to, you’ll fall in love with this institution. You won’t recognize the person in the mirror (in the best way possible) at the end of this journey. When you stand on the stage as your juniors offer you a heartwarming farewell, you’ll sigh into the mic and say, “It was all worth it”.

So hold on to that IBA-DU dream and let tickright help you get there. Keep an eye on the Tickright IBA Blog Series to stay ahead!