Your Ultimate Guide to Dhaka University IBA Admission: IBA Admission Requirements

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Into the History of IBA, University of Dhaka

The Institute of Business Administration, popularly known as IBA, played the pioneering role in creating a world-class business education experience right here at the heart of Bangladesh. Founded in 1966 by Professor M. Shafiullah in direct collaboration with Indiana University, USA, the institute has quickly evolved into the most prolific business school of the country.

IBA commenced its journey by introducing its flagship MBA program. The institute later launched the MPhil and Ph.D. programs in the 1970s. Finally, in 1993, in response to the overwhelming demand for undergraduates, the IBA BBA program came into limelight. As of now, IBA has a total of six programs, including two other programs, i.e., Executive MBA and Doctor of Business.

What distinguishes IBA is not its undying commitment to creating a benchmark in business education; instead, it is the open learning culture that has set IBA apart from any other business schools of the country. Furthered bolstered by quality education curriculum, supportive faculties, and hand-picked talents from all over the nation, IBA continues to produce the most capable business leaders of Bangladesh. 

The five-decade legacy of IBA is a heavy burden to carry, but an utterly satisfying one.

Are you willing to be a part of it? Sure, you do. Let’s get started then!  

IBA BBA Admission Requirements

BBA Eligibility Criteria for Bangla Medium Students

You must have a cumulative GPA of 7.5 or more in SSC and HSC to be eligible for the IBA BBA Admission Test. Here are the possible combinations that further explain the eligibility criteria for BBA admission applicants.

iba admission eligibility criteria bba
BBA Eligibility Criteria for Bangla Medium students

BBA Eligibility Criteria for English Medium Students

IBA admission requirements for English medium students aren’t as black and white as for students from Bangla medium. Here is the list of rules to play by. 

  1. Firstly, if you are applying for the upcoming IBA Admission Test of 2020, then you must have your A-Levels completed this year and O-Levels completed in 2018. The bottom line is that you are not allowed to have year gaps. 
  2. Secondly, having Mathematics B (commonly known as General Maths) in your curriculum is compulsory. To add, having General Maths in your O-levels only should suffice; having it in your A-levels is not mandatory.
  3. Finally, the Academic Committee takes into consideration only the best grades from a total of 7 subjects, five from O-Levels, and two from A-Levels. To apply for the test, you must have a minimum of 4 Bs and 3 Cs in the seven subjects.

If you have ticked right on all criteria, congratulations! You, my friend, have fulfilled all the IBA admission requirements and, thus, are eligible for the next entrance exam.

BBA Eligibility Criteria for Foreign Nationals

The IBA admission requirements for foreign nationals are fairly different. An overseas applicant has the prerogative to be exempted from the IBA Admission Written Test given the following conditions.

The bar for minimum SAT score varies each year. That being said, a foreign applicant must have an SAT score of 1200 or more, with at least 600 in Mathematics and Critical Reading each. However, SAT scores alone do not form the basis for exemption from the test.

Instead, the final decision will be taken by the Academic Committee of IBA on a case-by-case basis. In this regard, the possible judgement criteria are the following: the applicant’s past academic performance, references,  and communication ability.

IBA MBA Admission Requirements

Before we dive into the niceties of the eligibility criteria under IBA MBA admission, here is the point calculation table for Bangladeshi applicants. You must have a minimum qualifying point of 7 to qualify for the entrance exam.

du iba mba admission requirements
POint calculation table for IBA MBA admission
iba mba admission criteria

Regardless of the background, having a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study is the first and foremost criterion for eligibility in IBA MBA admission.

MBA Eligibility Criteria for Bangla Medium Students

You must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in both SSC and HSC to be eligible for the MBA Admission Test.

MBA Eligibility Criteria for English Medium Students

As usual, GPA calculation for English medium students ought to take some effort.

  1. Firstly, you need to convert the equivalent letter grades into grade points as follows: A=4, B=3, C=2, and D=1.
  2. The rules for having Mathematics B in your curriculum are the same as stated in the BBA Eligibility Criteria for English Medium students.
  3. The IBA Equivalence Committee will take the average of the best two grades from A-Level and the best five grades from O-Level.
  4. More than one D grade in either O-Level or A-level will render you ineligible for the test.
  5. Grades below D are not considered in the calculation.
  6. Finally, you need a minimum GPA of 2.00 in O-Level and A-Level each to appear for the IBA MBA Admission Exam.

MBA Eligibility Criteria for Foreign Nationals

As in the case of a BBA applicant, an international applicant for the IBA MBA admission can also be exempted from the Written Test if he/she fulfills the criteria set by the IBA Academic Committee. The eligibility criteria are contingent on both the local and global context and hence, vary each year.

Regardless, the applicant must have a minimum GMAT score equal to or above 75 percentile to meet the IBA admission requirements.

IBA Admission Exam Structure

The IBA admission test is divided into two parts: Written Test and Communication Test. Contrary to popular beliefs, the written test is not an achievement test; rather, it falls on the aptitude test spectrum.

An achievement test assesses your subject knowledge and memory skills. On the other hand, an aptitude test is a systematic approach to testing an applicant’s abilities to perform specific tasks under a significant time limit. To succeed, the examinee needs to withstand pressure and react to challenging situations simultaneously.

Simply put, মুখস্তবিদ্যা এখানে হার মানে ।

Sections under IBA Admission Test

The Written Test comprises four sections. The marks distribution in each section varies each year. Nonetheless, we can still deduce a general pattern. For Language and Mathematics, you can expect 30 marks allocated for each. As for the next two sections, 20 marks is usually the limit.

To learn more about each section and how to prepare for them, click the links above.

What is the Passing Mark for each Section?

Here is a shocker. As opposed to in most admission exams, there is no fixed passing mark in the IBA entrance exam. However, some of you might have come across the claim that obtaining 60% in each section is the minimum requirement to pass.

The assumption is somewhat correct. Nevertheless, what if everybody fails to score even the bare minimum? Does IBA not take any applicants at all?

Hence, the passing mark depends absolutely on the difficulty level of the question paper in the respective year. If for some unfortunate events, the questions prove to be too difficult for the applicants, the passing bar drops significantly. However, for normal circumstances, 60% and more in each section should be your expected bar.

IBA Admission Communication Test aka IBA Viva Exam

Within two weeks or so, IBA invites around 180 examinees for the Communication Test. If you make it (we hope that you do), you will be assessed on both your written and viva scores. To learn more about how to ace your viva exam backed by real-life examples, feel free to read our blog on IBA VIVA Exam.

IBA Admission Exam Timeline

IBA admission exam timeline
timeline for IBA Admission exam

P.S. The timeframe is derived from my personal experience. It varies each year but remains somewhat similar.

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The Final Message

Over time, we have seen a lot of students having no idea about IBA admission requirements and yet preparing for the exam. Halfway they realize that they are, in fact, not eligible for the test. The sheer ignorance cost them a huge deal of time and money.

Hence, if this blog saves even one student from such unfortunate events, we would be utterly amazed. So, share this with anyone who might need this and subscribe to Tickright IBA Blog Series for more insightful articles on how to prepare for your IBA admission.

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