Campus Life in IBA DU: A Glimpse Into The Institute’s Culture

The vibrant and eventful campus life offered by IBA DU is an added incentive to pursue one’s undergraduate degree here.

Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka is certainly one of the top places to pursue your business degree in this country. But that is not the only reason to choose IBA DU for your undergraduate education. The stellar campus life offered by IBA is a significant reason why one may choose to come to IBA. 

In this article, I plan to walk you through different aspects of the campus life at IBA DU. 


Classes and exams

Classes and examinations are certainly one of the most definitive features that determine a student’s routine and overall academic life. Here in IBA DU, students deal with a total of two semesters a year with (usually) five courses in each semester. Although the academic pressure can be felt to loom at us during the mid-terms and finals, the rest of the weeks go by with a considerable amount of free time. 

Field visits

Pre-pandemic, field visits were a regular part of our assignments. We often had to visit employees from different companies for interviews in order to collect information for our assignments. For instance, when we were in our very first semester, each team had to visit a garment factory to learn about how their employees are managed and write a report about that as a requirement of one of our courses. These learning experiences we are made to go through right from the beginning of our IBA life plays a great role to mould us into more capable individuals. 

The Signature IBA Events

IBA Boishakh

Every year, the junior-most batch is shouldered with the responsibility of arranging Boishakh. They do it all starting from approaching sponsors, checking the sound system, and decorating the premises. The festivity during Boishakh is not just limited to the event day but it starts from way before. The dance rehearsals after classes, running to get the costumes made, deciding on slots are memories we all fondly look back upon. 

an IBA DU Boishakh performance

Ice-breaking and Fresher’s

Having passed the IBA admission hurdles, when the junior-most batch joins us, their immediate seniors arrange an ice-breaking for them. The seniors go to great lengths to find out inside jokes within the batch and make content to be presented. They also arrange fun games such as treasure hunt, pun contests, and other indoor games for the juniors to enjoy.

As for Fresher’s, it really is a grand event. It is not only an event enjoyed by the juniors but also by every IBAite from all the batches. Here is a video made on the occasion of IBA fresher’s for you to watch:

Grad Night

Grad night is that one night dedicated to the students who are graduating from IBA DU in a particular year. It is an event that induces mixed emotions in us and it is rather sad because it is time for students who spent long four years in IBA to leave and find their own way. No matter how glamorously grad night is celebrated, it is always too early for the departing batch to leave.


Usually arranged during the winter months, IBA Thanksgiving is an event that graduated batches organize for the senior-most batch in IBA DU. Thanksgiving is special to IBAites as it gives graduated students a chance to reminisce about their years spent at DU IBA and feel the beauty of looking back at their cherished moments together. 


IBA DU Debate has always been a pioneer in advancing debate in Bangladesh by surpassing all barriers. The instances of IBAites emerging as champions in national and international tournaments are numerous. Very recently, a team from IBA DU took part in the acclaimed HWS Round Robin Debate Tournament where the criteria of participation is that the team must prove themselves as one of the best from their continent. In that tournament, not only were they the first Asian team to have ever reached the finals but they ranked second only to Harvard University in the preliminaries. 

Find out more about the team’s experience here.

Business Competitions

Participating in business competition aligns one’s problem-solving approach in a certain orientation, making one capable of critically analyzing and systematically dissecting grand challenges; all while thinking on one’s feet with constraints of variegated nature. Such an approach of thinking helps tackle challenges that students face beyond the campus. 

Muhit Sharif, a member from the winning team of Capitalizer’19 and CreaDive 2018, who recently graduated from IBA DU, has to say the following about his experience:

“Sometimes the journey of a particular competition is perhaps even more special than the outcome. Which is exactly what happened during Capitalizer 2019. Our team had a scheduled trip outside of Dhaka that we couldn’t miss, long before the dates of the final were announced. And it just so happened that the dates when we were outside Dhaka collided with the days when we would get to work with the case before the final. This case was about a big expansion investment decision where we had to come up with not only sound financing options with optimal returns, but also make sure the expansion happened in a way which made the best business and branding sense. This experience taught me to always keep at it no matter the circumstances and to take life one Ms PowerPoint slide at a time, as we prepared the structure of our solution the night before the trip and came back to Dhaka to fully prepare our pitch the whole night before the day of the final. Much to our shock and everyone else’s, we managed to clinch the title with the odds firmly against us, and this memory of the whole journey to the win is absolutely priceless to our team and it’s a story we all carry very close to our hearts.”

Some major business competitions we wait for all year round with teeming eagerness are:

Battle of Minds

Battle of Minds (BOM) is British American Tobacco (BAT) Bangladesh’s flagship recruitment initiative. Numerous graduates join BAT Bangladesh through this groundbreaking case competition, where participants encounter challenges they must solve with their wit and strategy. Everything about BOM, from its roadshows to its Bootcamp round reeks of elegance which impress freshmen and seniors alike.


Every year, Unilever Bangladesh Ltd launches their flagship student competition, BizMaestros. Although the themes of the competition vary each year, it never fails to offer students the experience of real business challenges. The winners of BizMaestros get to represent the country at the global platform of Unilever Future Leaders’ League (FLL) and are fast tracked to the Unilever Future Leaders Programme.


Brandwitz is another notable business competition popular among students of IBA DU. It offers a learning experience to all the participants and offers them a chance to use their acumen to the fullest potential.  


A lot of students of DU IBA opt for internships in various organizations in order to gain practical experiences as a business student. Through these internships, students get to explore their arena of interest and expand their skillsets. Such practical experiences help them obtain a taste of the corporate world early on, which adds to their resume.


Pre-pandemic, sports events were one of those phenomenal aspects of our campus life every IBAite looked forward to. IBA Sports Club frequently announced and managed one sport event after another. Here are some of the sports that have become a part of IBA culture over the years:

Futsal and Football

IBA has its own futsal ground in the compound. Students are seen to go play in the ground whenever they can, especially if classes end early. One can say that we take futsal very seriously here. Such seriousness is the reason why IBA DU students never hesitated to sign up for events like Intra IBA Futsal or IBA All Star Futsal Draft.


IBA Cricket Team could proudly show off their batting and bowling skills on the field in events such as IBA Cric Fest 2019 and Hostel Premier League 2020. The President and Vice President-Cricket always makes sure that every player has the mindset to deliver their best before a match.


Badminton matches give us extra incentives to wait for winter all year long. Many of us enjoy playing badminton in and around IBA premises during that time.  Our enthusiasm knew no bounds when Intra IBA Female Badminton Tournament 2019 was arranged for the first time in IBA last year, in addition to the regular tournaments.

Intra IBA Mixed Badminton Tournament 2020

Indoor Games

The hype about indoor games is no less than the outdoor ones here in IBA DU. Last year, IBA Sports Club arranged games like carrom, table tennis, badminton, FIFA, and card games to be played indoors. Chess competitions held in our bunker early this year and Valorant competitions where participants performed from home much later into the year during the pandemic were events of much elegance. 

The Hostel Life

Located in Green Road, Farmgate, IBA hostel is home to several students of IBA DU. It is a place where everyone is free to do their own thing, chill as much as they want, and enjoy their campus life however they like. The accommodation facility is more than pleasant with spacious rooms and a homely compound. The quality of the food offered is definitely worth the price, and the evening meals served remains an all-time favourite of many students. When asked to share a few things he likes about IBA hostel, Sadman Hassan, a sophomore from IBA-DU says the following:

“I like the ground we have in the hostel premises; we spend hours playing futsal or basketball there – and of course, badminton during winter. Our ritual of playing music and partying over the weekends is something I live for. Additionally, I love how some rooms are made into make-shift study rooms for us to study in groups before examinations – it certainly is less monotonous when you study together.”  

The Campus Chills

A significant part of our campus life is the time spent with friends in the IBA premises. We are often found relaxing and talking about life while enjoying Babu Bhai’s chicken fries in the canteen or strolling about the entrance. During breaks between classes, the garden on the first floor (second floor in American English) is where we’d sit back and crack jokes. Typically, the library and the bunker are places where we would make slides for business competitions, prepare for exams, and work but we end up having a lot of fun in there as well. Maybe it is the place, maybe it is the people – who knows. 

On being asked about how the people in IBA shaped up his undergraduate life, Sameen Alam, who currently works for Unilever Bangladesh Limited, recalls: 

“The campus is dusty, quotidian, and not particularly pretty. But it still somehow ends up feeling pretty comfortable because of the people inside.”

IBA premises


If you want to live these experiences yourself and earn a platform to explore your latent skills, showcase your talents, and gain practical knowledge, IBA DU is definitely the right choice for you. With adequate preparation and a will to work hard, you too can ace the IBA admission test and join us. So make sure you go through this blog to know cultivating which habits would help you breeze through the IBA admission test . Keep an eye on Tickright IBA Blog Series for more useful tips!