Breezing through the IBA Admission Test: 10 Successful Admission Habits Shared by IBAites

In this blog, we’ve compiled for you some tricks and tips shared by IBAites that will help you outpace your competition effortlessly and ace the IBA admission test.

Preparing for the IBA admission test isn’t all about your average, “Don’t sleep, don’t breathe, study for 16 hours every day” admission mantra. Yes, it is possible to be sufficiently prepped without getting entirely overwhelmed. That’s where we come in! We are here to rescue you from the hellish trials of admission season by compiling 10 clever and thriving admission practices shared by none other than IBAites themselves. Thinking of using long and unnecessarily difficult words in your caption but scared of getting ridiculed? Stick with us as we tell you exactly why the taunts are worth it!

1. Taking the Long Road to Short-Cuts

One of the prerequisites to performing well in the IBA admission test is efficient time management. You’ll often encounter problems that appear to be gigantic at first glance. So learning tricks and short cuts for these deceptively huge problems is incredibly essential. But before learning a short cut, make sure you know enough about the basics. 

This helps you in two ways:

  • Not every problem can be solved using a short cut. A good grip of the basics helps you solve all sorts of problems
  • If you know why a short cut works, you’ll know exactly which problems a specific short cut applies to
  • If you know the ins and outs of every problem, you can come up with short cuts of your own

There’s nothing wrong with borrowing someone else’s tricks. Just make sure you know enough to make your own. So take a good amount of time in strengthening your foundation so that you can apply that knowledge at twice the speed when the time comes. 

2. Find Your Authority Figure 

I know that preparing for the IBA admission test can get mind-numbing. So, after a while, you’ll repeatedly open your fridge, meticulously doodle the single word you’ve written all day, arrange and rearrange your markers first by color and then by size, and ‘Give yourself a break’ after spending 10 minutes on the table. 

In order to stop procrastinating and regretting it later, find someone your age who you look up to and give them daily reports of the progress you’ve made. This will instill accountability in you but at the same time, the presence of someone your age instead of an adult will make the process less stressful. You can also make study groups and choose one of your study partners to help you in the same way. 

3. The World beyond Books

Everyone will suggest the same few books to you for the IBA admission test. While these books on mathematics, English and analytical are essential, they aren’t particularly interesting. Mix your formula up and make it less monotonous. You can do this in a number of ways:

Staring at books at a stretch is one of the most draining things you can do (unless it’s fiction, of course). So come up with creative ways of utilizing your time and make the process less tedious.

4. Don’t Take Your Strengths for Granted 

Some of us are intuitively better at one section than others of the question pattern of the IBA admission test. Personally, I was much more comfortable with English than with math. Be it math or English; make sure you don’t take your strengths for granted. It’s always great to have a head start, but don’t be the classic dumb lazy hare and lose the race. 

You can choose to leave less time to prep for the section you’re most comfortable with. But there’s a big difference between less time and no time at all. Don’t forget, if neglected for too long, your strengths can become your weakness. 

It’s natural for you to start with the section you’re most comfortable with in the final exam. It’ll be quite the confidence killer if you start stumbling at the go. So make sure you assign enough time for all the subjects, even ones you’re confident about, to do well in the IBA admission test.  

5. Unless You’re Special Agent Fox Mulder

David Duchovny’s character in the X-files has an eidetic memory. This makes him a top class criminal profiler. Perhap s Mulder doesn’t need to revise the words he learns, but you do. If you finish Word Smart within two weeks and leave it untouched for the rest of your admission period, you’ll be lucky if you manage to remember two words. The same is true for mathematics and analytical.

Always keep one day every week for revision. Take account of how many words you’ve memorized and how many puzzles you’ve completed. Then revise everything you’ve already done. My secret is ‘cumulative revision’. If you’ve learned 50 new words this week then revise those 50 words on your revision day. But after you learn 50 new words the next week make sure to revise all 100 on the next revision day.  

6. Keep Writing Your Sophisticated Captions

Do you prefer using unnecessarily difficult captions like, ‘Feeling Sanguine’ or ‘A Complete Lack of Alacrity’ for the most random pictures you upload? While this habit is slightly (?) annoying, it really helps you practice the words you learn for your preparation for the IBA admission test. 

Instead of just using these words in your caption, try and make them a part of your daily conversations as well. You may stumble in the beginning but with time you’ll get accustomed to using these words regularly. This will help you remember words for a much longer period of time.

7. Get that Exam Experience

You can study all you want but it’s impossible to feel the exam day pressure without sitting for tests on a regular basis. No amount of planning will help you survive if you don’t divide your time wisely and make sure you can follow that time division in reality. How do you do that? Tickright has custom-designed sample IBA admission tests only for this purpose!

If you choose the IBA Question Bank, you’ll have access to all the IBA admission test questions from previous years and get the real-life exam experience. 

8. Track Your Progress

Consistency is the key to your preparation for DU IBA. Studying and appearing exams has no value if you don’t learn from it. It is important to analyze your results with relation to time and accordingly set goals for yourself. This will also help you understand if it is fruitful for you to spend more time on a specific section or not. Pinpoint exactly where you need help and progress accordingly.

But it’s a bit tedious to manually go over every mistake and take notes. No worries there because we’ve got you covered! The Tickright analytics board will help you review your progress and track your growth. 

9. Small Doses from the Start

Preparing for every section of the IBA admission test is of equal importance. Make sure that you don’t give too much attention to one topic and completely neglect the others. You might think of postponing your analytical ability prep and finishing mathematics first. This is a major don’t because starting an entire section late really affects your confidence. 

It is natural to start slow. So you should make a conservative estimate of how much time it might require for you to finish a certain chapter at the beginning. If you start late, you lose this privilege. Therefore, instead of starting with mathematics, English or analytical, keep some space for a little bit of each in your schedule. 

To know more about exactly how to schedule your analytical preparation read our blog on Conquering Analytical in the IBA Admission Test: Resources, Pro-tips and Secret Recipes for Success

10. Take a Breather

Like I mentioned in the beginning, IBA admission test preparation really doesn’t require a 16 hour study routine. There’s no need to summon your army of highlighters and make extensive notes. Just study on a regular basis and plan for small doses. Don’t drain yourself or overwork to the extent that you’re completely burned out by the time the final exam takes place. 


Take a deep breath, fix that posture and drink some water. You can read our blog on How to Take Care of Your Mental Health during Admission Season to make sure you give yourself the care you need. You can even watch these entertaining IBA-DU Boishakh videos from time to time to pump yourself up!

To Conclude

If you’ve come this far then you already know how to ace the IBA admission test. We know your admission journey is your own and nobody knows your struggles better than you do. But these experts have already crossed similar hurdles in their own journeys. So heed their advice and vanquish your admission demon!

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