Ace Your University Admission Tests while Preparing for Medical: An Informative Guide for an Effective Plan B

Medical admission preparation takes a lot of time and effort. Most of the time medical admission examinees find it difficult to plan for university admission tests. So, stick with this blog as we point out how to make the best use of your preparation and conquer most of the admission exams.

Are you one of those dedicated dreamers spending your days and nights preparing for the upcoming medical admission test? Then, you must be familiar with one of the most common fears every medical aspirant faces regularly and that is “What are my other options besides medicine? Do I have a chance to get into other universities with my preparation for medical?” The answer to this question is an absolute YES! If you are well informed about other opportunities and plan properly then you will find yourself acing a lot of other admission tests with your current preparation.

As searching this information is time-consuming, we have put together a list of some of the alternatives you can keep in your mind alongside taking medical preparation.

Dhaka University(DU)


                                 Dhaka University

D unit

D unit admission test is the easiest to crack for a medical aspirant. Most of the students take up D unit courses along with medical preparation as they are mostly similar. There are a lot of interesting subjects in this unit such as criminology, disaster management as well as traditional subjects.

SubjectMCQ Exam  NumberWritten Exam Number
Bangla/Advanced English(For A level only)16 questions*1.25
= 20
English16 questions*1.25
= 20
General Knowledge28questions*1.25
= 35

according to the marks distribution mentioned above, good preparation for Bangla & a bit of polishing of your international G.K is all you need to ace D unit. Also, this examination is held at least a month later from the medical admission test. So, you can take your time to get yourself prepared for this. You can also check out this writing for getting a detailed idea about the D unit admission test.

A unit 

If you are a passionate science lover and wish to be immersed in formulas and formalin, then you can think about sitting for the A unit admission test. This unit is dedicated to all things science from Genetic Engineering to Robotics & Mechatronics. The exam takes place in the following subjects:

  • Physics (compulsory)
  • Chemistry (compulsory)
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Bangla
  • English

You have to answer 4 subjects. Each has an MCQ part (15 questions*1.25=18.75) and a written part (11.25 for each subject). You can skip your 4th subject and answer Bangla & English but in that case, you will not be able to apply for some subjects related to the skipped subject. So, Plan early and take preparations according to your plan. You can easily cover Biology and Chemistry with your preparation for medical admission.

 Many  students take an extra Math course for A unit which is quite useful. You can also practice from Tickright’s MCQ hub  to boost up your confidence.

Jahangirnagar University (JU)

D unit

Are you a biology nerd like me? Always thought of solving life’s big questions under microscope with pink and purple dyes? Then, D unit is the perfect way to achieve it. This unit consists of following departments:

  • Department of Botany
  • Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Department of Zoology
  • Department of Pharmacy
  • Department of Microbiology
  • Department of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering
  • Department of Public Health and Informatics

Tempting, right? Admission test for this unit is taken on following subjects:

Subject NameNumber
Bangla + English8

It is almost similar to the medical admission syllabus but minus physics. You don’t have to spend your time on any extra subject which is not common with the medical admission test. Just go through the questions of previous years and you can easily crack the JU D unit entrance exam.


                            Jahangirnagar University

C unit

C unit can also be aimed at if you put extra effort into General knowledge. This unit includes subjects such as-

  • Department of International Relations
  • Department of English
  • Department of History
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Drama & Dramatics
  • Department of Archaeology
  • Department of Bangla
  • Department of Journalism and Media Studies
  • Department of Fine Arts

Examinees are required to answer questions on Bangla, English &unit related subjects. If you are taking a DU D unit course alongside your main preparation, then it will be a very easy exam for you.

I unit

This is one of the latest units added to the Jahangirnagar admission test. This unit takes students for Bangabandhu Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture. The exam is held on following topics:

  • Bangla – 15
  • English- 15
  • Literature- 10
  • G.K-10
  • Culture-5
  • Anthropology-5
  • Archaeology- 5
  • History-5
  • Bangabandhu & Bangladesh-10

It all comes down to your General Knowledge skills to ace this unit. As this unit mostly focuses on Bangladesh related G.K, you can rely on your current preparation to help you. Take some time to review the previous years’ questions. You can also check this blog for some topics to start with G.K.

Agricultural Universities

                                     Bangladesh Agricultural University

There are 6 public agricultural universities & usually takes a combined admission tests. You can choose from veterinary science, agriculture,  agricultural economics, agricultural engineering & fisheries.  Exam is held on six subjects .

  1. G.K- 10
  2. English-10
  3. Physics-20
  4. Chemistry-20
  5. Biology-20
  6. math-20

It’s very important to have ideas about previous year questions because a lot of them are repeated. Mathematics questions are generally typical and you can solve most of them from your basic knowledge. Focus a little more on physics and you can definitely make it to one of the six beautiful campuses of agricultural universities.

Bangladesh University of Professionals(BUP)

Faculty of  Science & Technology(FST)

BUP is well known for its highly qualified faculties, maintaining discipline and quality education. FST includes two BSc programs in information and communication engineering or environmental science, both of which are very demanding subjects internationally. The exam for this faculty includes four subjects-

  1. Mathematics/Biology- 25
  2. Physics- 25
  3. Chemistry-25
  4. English-25

 If you are taking preparation for the medical admission test, then you are already halfway there! Stick to your main target and take some time out to practice some mathematical problems from physics. You don’t have to worry about this early on as most of the time BUP admission tests are held long after MBBS admission tests. You will hopefully have plenty of time to work this out. 

BUP Pic 111.jpg

                 Bangladesh University of Professionals

Jagannath University(JnU)


                                           Jagannath University

Unit 1 (science)

Jagannath University (JnU) is taking written exams from 2018. Unit 1 includes both applied and pure science subjects. You need to answer a total of 72 marks on subjects including-

  • Physics(6 questions x 4)=24
  • Chemistry(6 questions x 4)=24
  • Math/Biology(6 questions x 4)=24

Written questions require short and to the point answers. So, you don’t have to learn any new information for Unit 1. Just keep your regular preparation up to the mark and you can get selected for JnU.

Khulna University(KU)

A unit

There are two schools under A unit of Khulna University; Life Science School  &  Science, Engineering and Technology school. They offer 662 seats (including quota) in total for this unit. Life Science School includes the following subjects-

  1. Agrotechnology (AT) Discipline
  2. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (BGE) Discipline
  3. Environmental Science (ES) Discipline
  4. Fisheries and Marine Resources Technology (FMRT) Discipline
  5. Forestry and Wood Technology (FWT) Discipline
  6. Pharmacy (PHARM) Discipline
  7. Soil, Water and Environment (SWE) Discipline

You can definitely include this to your Plan B list if you are considering to have a career on biological science.

 A unit requires  thorough knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology/Analytical ability as you have to answer these subjects to get into one of the two schools under this unit. So, put your mathematics skills to work and try to keep an eye on question banks and you may call beautiful KU campus your home soon!

Chittagong University(CU)

A unit

Fan of mesmerizing campus views? Then Chittagong University can be a good option to consider. Alongside it’s large campus area, CU is known as one of the flagship research universities.

A unit comprises of faculty of Science, Engineering & Biology and marks distribution for admission test is as followed:

Subject NameMarks
Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology(any 3 subjects should be answered according to respective department/faculty25 x 3= 75

                                     Chittagong University

As medical admission preparation puts emphasis on chemistry & biology ,Choose between physics or mathematics according to your basic knowledge. While selecting ,keep in mind that you won’t get to spend a lot of time for it. So you have to rely on your HSC level knowledge. If you plan properly you can find a very promising subject in CU A unit.

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University(HSTU)


A unit

Here comes another unit solely dedicated to biology! HSTU has 3 subjects to offer under this unit namely-

  1. Agriculture
  2. Fisheries
  3. Veterinary & Animal Science

Admission test will be taken on Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English each bearing 25 marks. You don’t need to put extra time on any subjects for this exam. Just keep a question bank close and you will be ready for HSTU A unit.

Shahjalal University of Science & Technology(SUST) 

A Unit

SUST offers excellent opportunities to study Genetic Engineering, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Forestry & Environmental Science. You have to take preparation for English, Bengali, Physics, Chemistry & Bangladesh and International Affairs along with Math or Biology according to your subject preference. Each subject bears 10 marks except Bengali which bears 20.

Getting into SUST might be a bit tricky because their question patterns are quite different from other universities and the medical admission test. So study their question patterns. You will get enough time to prepare for it as exams are most likely to take place after medical admission test.


           Shahjalal University of Science & Technology

Some Other Institutes to Keep in Mind

We have sorted out the best options for you that can be covered with medical admission preparation. Universities like Comilla University, Rajshahi University, Barishal University, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman Science & Technology University(BSMRSTU) & many others have a wide range of subjects on Life science to choose from. Their exam procedures are mostly similar to the above-mentioned universities. You can also consider the 7 colleges under DU and Home Economics colleges( girls only) for admission options.

Final Suggestions 

As a medical admission examinee, I used to find it very difficult to find time for Extra subjects. So from personal experience I can suggest you some Do’s and Don’ts to make your preparation phase less stressful.


  • Plan early & stick to it. You have to consider the fact that you cannot go for all subjects and faculties. Choose wisely which way you want to go. If you want to study subjects related to technology and engineering then keep your mathematics book close. If you think math is going to take a lot of effort then try to keep up with G.K.Thus you can still get into lots of universities. Plan according to your strength and don’t let anyone influence you to change it.
  • Have ideas about the question pattern before preparation. I have already mentioned question banks a lot of times. As you are preparing for medical, you won’t have time to practice everything for other admission tests. Question banks can help you to sort out the most important topics and lessen your burden.
  • Use your basic knowledge from the HSC level. This is the most important factor in admission tests. We always worry about critical questions whereas, most of the questions can be easily answered from our previous knowledge.  You know more than the questions require you to answer. Stop worrying about the tricky questions and don’t miss the easy ones.


  • Don’t get distracted. Keep your eyes focused on your ultimate goal. Give medical your utmost priority and effort. If you take a complete preparation for the medical admission test you can easily crack other entrance exams too
  • Don’t mess up your routine. Keep a schedule and follow it. You can spend only an hour on additional subjects but be regular. Don’t leave it for the last moment.
  • Don’t overload yourself. Think one thing at a time. Don’t compare others’ study routines with yours. We all have different ways to cope up with pressure and of managing time. Keep your mind burden-free to boost up your brain.

Now that you have all the information for university admission tests, you can easily plan a way to link your medical admission preparation with it. You can practice from Tickright’s University admission preparation section to have a complete preparation for universities. Wishing you all the very best of luck for the upcoming admission season.